Need help with payday loans -With us, you can combine payday loans into one

With us, you can combine payday loans into one fast and online A payday loan consolidation anchor is a loan that combines all payday loans taken into one loan, usually extended in time, which allows you to pay back one, globally smaller monthly installment. A consolidation loan is often the last resort to avoid consumer bankruptcy. The diagnostic […]

Repayment of the consolidated debt in full over time

When you take out a consolidated debt or a loan, you can usually choose the repayment period. Some of us prefer to extend this period to the maximum, because then we can count on lower installments. Others, in turn, choose the least installments because they want to quickly cope with debt and have them out […]

New registration codes in the credit bureau for home sales with residual debt

Are you selling your house and is there a chance of a residual debt? Then you will have to deal with the new registration codes from the Credit Registration Office. Since 1 January 2017, the credit bureau has introduced two new codes for recording the residual debt on sale. Registration of sales with a residual […]

Home Equity Loan Available from Today Consolidation Loan

The mortgage loan is available both in banking institutions and those outside the banking sector. In the first case, we have to do so with a mortgage loan, i.e. a financial liability secured by a property (house or flat). Private companies, on the other hand, offer loans similarly to banks with an entry in the […]

Consolidation Loan – What Documents?

  WHEN TO START, PREPARE DOCUMENTS Documents should be prepared without any delay as soon as possible. We do not have many of these documents at home. We will not receive many of these documents by the hand. Also, due to the waiting time for some of these documents, do not hesitate to collect them. […]