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Britney Spears’ Wedding Was Surprisingly Normal: Photos

The charming bride and groom.
Photo: Kevin Ostajewski/Shutterstock

A celebrity wedding inspires a certain kind of voyeurism, watching the super-rich and super-connected really go all out. Well, usually anyway. But not at the celebrity wedding of the year, when Britney Spears married Sam Asghari. It was a remarkably normal affair, full of wedding beats that felt awfully, well, familiar to plebeians like the rest of us. Because we must not forget that before being a superstar, she is a girl from Louisiana! Let’s review the details of this local ceremony, largely according vogue:

➽ Spears got married at his Los Angeles home in front of an intimate crowd of about 60 people (and thousands of pink roses).

➽ Like half the girls you went to high school with, Spears arrived with Asghari in a horse-drawn carriage.

➽ The wedding lasted about ten minutes — because, well, who doesn’t want to party?

➽ Spears took off her heels when she hit the dance floor, as all brides want. She even has put his glasses as the night progressed. This is representation.

➽ Spears and Asghari didn’t have a first dance, but she wasted no time with her friends. She danced with Madonna and Selena Gomez to “Toxic” and sang “Stars Are Blind” with Paris Hilton. At one point, Madonna, Hilton, Gomez, Drew Barrymore, and more belt a bit of “Vogue”. All songs should arrive at any (good) wedding, whether the performers are there or not.

➽ Kathy Hilton requisitioned a mic at some point. Don’t we all have that friend’s relative?

➽ When Spears and Asghari left for the night, the guests sent them away with – what else? – sparklers.

Of course, Spears wore Versace and changed into three different looks at the reception. And of course, you’ve probably never been to a wedding with Madonna and Paris Hilton. And okay, yeah, none of your friends’ houses really look like this. But wealth aside, Spears’ marriage was more like your cousin’s. It all doubled as a celebration of the end of Spears’ conservatorship – she got engaged to Asghari shortly before the end of last September. Spears has talked about wanting a more normal life after conservation, being able to drive until she has kids, and judging by her marriage, she’s enjoying it now. And also judging by her marriage, she’s been a Pinterest cacher this whole time.

Update, Saturday June 11: Britney finished her bridal duties by tweeting her thoughts after the wedding. “Wow!!! Holy shit!!! WE DID IT!!! WE GOT MARRIED,” Spears tweeted Friday night, “I was so nervous all morning but at 2:00 it really hit me …WE’RE GETTING MARRIED.” She then thanked “the team that turned our home into a dream castle,” and shouted out Barrymore, Gomez, Madonna, Donatella Versace and Hilton.