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When you take out a consolidated debt or a loan, you can usually choose the repayment period. Some of us prefer to extend this period to the maximum, because then we can count on lower installments. Others, in turn, choose the least installments because they want to quickly cope with debt and have them out of their head. Then when we borrow, we usually do not think about paying it back in time. However, this possibility exists. How to use it?

Consolidated debt and loans are taken for various purposes. Many of us, thanks to him, finance the necessary purchases, others in turn allocate them for various types of entertainment. Today it is really easy to get money from both banks and loan companies. Therefore, we borrow more often and more.

Repayment of debt resulting from a loan or loan usually takes place in installments, less often in one installment, as is the case with payday loans . Therefore, every month we have to prepare the right amount so that our installment loan will slowly become smaller and smaller. However, there are situations when we have an additional injection of cash. Then we can use it to repay the debt, also whole, to completely get rid of the problem.

Is it always worth paying back the loan ahead of time?

In most cases – yes, but not always. When we have a cash loan , then we can usually pay off the rest of the debt in full or in part before the deadline specified in the contract at no additional cost. However, it happens that a bank or loan company charges extra fees.

Additional fees for early repayment of loans relate primarily to mortgage offers that are concluded for periods longer than 10 years. Then, for the lender, early repayment will mean lower earnings, which means that often special provisions in the contract informing about the costs of early repayment are applied. They usually take the form of a percentage of the total amount borrowed. Usually only after a certain period of several years, we can pay off the liability at no extra cost.

How to pay off the loan ahead of time?

When we took a loan from a bank where we have a bank account, that’s why we see it on our transaction panel, then we can repay it directly through it. We simply choose the option to deposit part or all and approve with the appropriate code – funds are collected from our account.

When we have a loan from another bank or a loan company to which we send transfers, it is best to contact the lender in advance in order to get information on how much we should pay off in full. We will then avoid problems when it turns out that we have paid for a small sum.

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New registration codes in the credit bureau for home sales with residual debt Fri, 08 Feb 2019 14:21:26 +0000

Are you selling your house and is there a chance of a residual debt? Then you will have to deal with the new registration codes from the Credit Registration Office. Since 1 January 2017, the credit bureau has introduced two new codes for recording the residual debt on sale.

Registration of sales with a residual debt after 1 January 2017

From 1 January 2017, the credit bureau has introduced two new registration codes for sales with a residual debt remaining. The remaining debt will now be separately registered with the credit bureau. A distinction is made between claim and no claim to the Gandalf . With this guarantee you have a safety net when you have to sell the property and a residual debt remains. Gandalf looks together with you for a solution or scolds the debt when it really can not be otherwise.

The registration code RH for residual debt mortgage without entitlement to Gandalf 
This code is put behind your name in the credit bureau, when you have created a residual debt after the sale of your home and there is no claim on Gandalf. The residual debt is not equally financed by own money or a new mortgage. You do not claim the Gandalf and therefore you will have to pay the remaining debt yourself.

The registration code RN for residual debt mortgage with entitlement to Gandalf 
When you claim the Gandalf and do not directly finance the residual debt, you will find this code on your credit bureau registration. Two options are then possible. With the first option you have full remission of the residual debt by the Gandalf. You will then no longer have any debt and your registration on the credit bureau will also be closed. With the second option you do not have to cancel the remaining debt and therefore you have to finance this yourself. You will have to make arrangements for the reimbursement and this will also be registered.

Registration of sales with a residual debt for 2017

If you sold your house before 1 January 2017 and were left with a residual debt, there were a few options. You could namely:

  • Immediately repay the residual debt with your own money
  • Allow the remaining debt to be canceled due to the Gandalf
  • To co-finance the residual debt in the new mortgage for your new home
  • Take out a loan to finance the residual debt

If you opt for the last option, the loan was registered with the credit bureau. This was then registered in the form of the loan or credit you concluded. Often a personal loan or a current loan.

What does a registration with the credit bureau mean?

If you have a registration with the credit bureau, this does not always have to be disadvantageous. If you do not have payment arrears and you pay your debts cleanly every month, your credit bureau will not be negative. You will then be able to borrow a lower amount when you take out a new mortgage, loan or credit. If you do have payment arrears, your credit bureau will be negative. You can not apply for a mortgage, loan or credit. This can go so far that you can not buy a lease car or a phone with a new subscription.



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