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You can now find paradise on Dise Road


Helen and Bob Kimbro stand in front of one of their merchandise cabinets at Paradise Gardens, Gatherings & Gifts.

by Dave Warner

From the road it doesn’t look like much, but once inside you will quickly be overwhelmed by the amount of goods, buildings, gardens, El Pacas, llamas, and whatever else you have. Find at Paradise Gardens, Gatherings and Giveaways at 475 Dise Road in Little Falls.

Helen and Bob Kimbro have been married for 52 years and he is originally from Tennessee while she is from Georgia. “We moved here from the Jersey Shore seven years ago because we were affected by (Hurricane) Sandy. We thought we were going to retire there, ”said Bob.

After that, Helen got the impression that she really didn’t want to stay in Jersey. “We didn’t really want to go back to Tennessee either,” he said.

Helen was selling real estate and every day she looked online to see if there was anything she liked. “One day I found this barn and thought, I love this barn! When he got home I would say look at this barn, I love this barn and it’s just downstairs from where your sister lives.

She said he wasn’t on board at first, but eventually convinced him and they made an offer on it.

It’s not just the barn they bought, but the 63 acres surrounding it as well. They also have a Quonset hut and two greenhouses on the property.

They moved into the property with the intention of having an event venue, but with barn code restrictions they had to change gears.

However, they were able to clear the barn so that they could have a family wedding there, and that’s when two of their son’s friends started getting involved in finding merchandise for them.

One of them (Paul) “I just started collecting stuff. We filled the first floor and he kept coming, ”said Bob.

Initially, the idea was to have only the first floor of the barn to display all the goods. “The upstairs part of the barn wasn’t even an idea until Phil Green inspected the building and cleared us to sell merchandise upstairs. When that happened I went whoa – new ball game, ”she said.

Originally, they were just going to sell plants, birdhouses, birdbaths and other garden items on this first floor. “I just didn’t want him sitting on the couch watching TV all day,” Helen said.

Elaine Cobb of Think Local Little Falls said that with the size of the facility and everything in it, “it’s a bit overwhelming. This is nothing like what I thought it was going to be.

Upon entering the establishment, you will find an eclectic collection of new things, old things, antiques, glassware and furniture.

Helen said, “I probably have another whole piece of stuff that I haven’t put in the other barn yet because I haven’t unpacked it.”

Last year they built a second barn which will be used for events. “It has always been in my head to create a wedding venue,” she said. Bob said, “It’s in our blood.

They say there will be a room for storage and a room for the bride and groom, and they should be ready to book events for next year. “We just want to have weddings on the weekends, but during the summer weeks I would like to have activity days. Maybe art lessons and things like that.

The company will be open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. “We try not to kill ourselves. We realize that we are not spring chickens, ”said Bob.

Helen said: “We want people to come in and feel good. Maybe find the thing they just can’t go home without.

They are going to have a play area for the kids and Bob said he can also take the kids to feed the El Pacas. “We want people to have an experience, rather than just come shopping,” he said.

If you would like to learn more, you can call 315-364-1234 or, when done, their website at


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